Casio Watches : Introducing The Latest In Watches

Published: 03rd February 2009
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Unlike the age 20th century manual watches, the latest digital and automatic watches are no longer limited to time giving. The latest watches are high with advanced technologies and can be used for multiple purposes like calculating direction, atmospheric pressure, solar energy etc. They are also comparatively lighter and more comfortable.

Watches had always been the first and foremost fascination for both men and women. Apart from just being a time ticking clock or watch, it has become highly fashionable and an icon of style. Both men and women wear watches. The watches worn by men are much broader and bigger in shape and size so as to depict their manhood. On the other hand women's watches which are thin and cute looking, brings out the soft and gentleness of a woman.

One of the biggest seller and promoter of all types of stylish watches are the Casio watches. It is divided into 3 basic categories- a) Mens watches b) Women's Watches and c) Luxury watches. These watches comes in different colours starting from silver, golden as well as various sporty type funky colours. It is this sporty look of the casio watches for which it has become famous among youngsters and adolescents. Other than this, casio watches also have a special section for kids. The Casio Baby-G is shock proof with G-shock technology. Many of such watches popularly known as the Kids watches, look more like toys though they have the same features.

Casio watches are fixed at a considerably low price range to cater to all standards of people. The different types of look also grasps a larger section in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes and are aimed to portray the personality of a particular group of customers for eg Kids, adolescents, adults, women and senior citizens. To cater to the senior citizens, it has launched watches which look more formal with a chain band like the Casio Edifice brand or Casio AMW 320 R-1EV. Some watches may also have a digital display.

One of the most famous watch is the Casio pathfinder which has a solar powered titanium bracelets. With the scientific advancement and the growing demand for stylish watches, companies have started promoting watches with special features like a Barometer, a solar altimeter and even a digital compass. Enabled with such multiple features helps the Casio brand become very famous among both adults as well as youngsters.

Women's Watches come in different designs. It may also consist of the same multi functions like the men's watches. These watches may also be silver plated or gold plated which makes it vibrant and desirable to all. One feminine style casio watch is the famous Casio Waveseptor Watches. The next category of watches are the Luxury watches of casio series. These are the most expensive ones. A very common example is Casio street rider which is the best companion for joggers and sportsmen. It can also be used by climbers and biker in rocky or urban terrain. Some luxury watches are water proof and can also be used by divers and swimmers. Hence, just like our Computers and other household appliances, even the watch technology has improved to support watch users under any circumstances.

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